KoM Hero Planner

When the level cap was first raised to 215, it was a special reward that was only automatically applied to the lowest level hero in a specific city. But now you can instantly raise any hero in any city to level 215 by using a Hero's Glory, which is a rare item found in limited-time-only "chance" chests or awarded to the winners of some events. It was recently announced that a future patch may add even higher level heroes.

The highest level that heroes can attain using exp and training runes is still only level 212, but they cannot gain any additional exp or levels once they reach level 200 or higher. You will need to get a hero to level 199 with at least 3300 EXP, but no more than 3970 EXP, and then use a "Train with Gandalf" rune. The calculator below can help you plan your levelling.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter this information accurately:

Enter your hero's current level
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